Friday, September 16, 2011

Life can make us laugh!

We all have this moment in life that we can just sit and laugh about. Mine was two years ago when I visited my Granny and Pop with my dad in Oklahoma. My dad fell into the lake and this moment I caught on camera. When I think of this morning it makes me laugh. What makes you happy, what moments can you think back at? The moments in life that can bring a laugh and a smile really make the day brighter. God Bless.

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Joaninha said...

The love...
it's woonderful!!
Have a nice day...Rose's days!!
(e não é loucura da joaninha)

Christina said...

Life is about the memories, whether they be good or bad. Because it took both of them to get you where you are today. Thank the Lord for being by your side during both of them. I have, and I have been through A LOT.

I have something you just might like hon. I have a Pendant I am giving away at my blog and I just wanted to make sure you come by and sign up for the giveaway at my blog. It will end Oct. 28th at midnight. You have 4 chances to enter. You can also go over to the website to look at the things we have made and tell others of the site.
Thanks and God Bless.

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